Runner-up in the Oxfordshire Young Composers Competition 2019, and winner of the Orchestra’s Choice award. Performed by the Oxfordshire Schools Symphony Orchestra in March 2019 (in which I play percussion).

The basis of the piece is a hornpipe-like melody, but I find folk music most interesting when it meets other forms of music. So a “phorepin” is a mixed up hornpipe with missing beats, orchestral interludes and loud, percussion lines.

BBC Proms Inspire

In June 2018 I was named a winner of the BBC Proms Inspire competition for young composers. My piece, “The Weevil’ng“, was performed by Aurora Orchestra, conducted by Christopher Stark, at the Proms Inspire Concert at the BBC’s Radio Theatre on 22 August 2018. 

Rhythm is very important to me as a drummer. I’m interested in unusual time signatures, so set out to see what a piece in 11/8 would sound like.

(published with permission from the BBC,